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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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what's he talking about? immigration? we'll tell you the full story without our tongue in our cheek. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you had a great monday, tuesday and wednesday. now it's thursday. big day in new york. the president will be speaking at the united nations and following him will be iran's president ahmadinejad. but it won't be the face-to-face debate that iran's president wanted. president obama and mahmoud ahmadinejad addressing the u.n. general assembly today, as i said. the president takes the podium at 10:0010:00 a.m. this morning. we'll reach a fine line. and ahmadinejad gets his turn at 3:30 this afternoon. he's expected to express iran's sudden interest in restarting diplomatic relations with the u.s. over the nuclear weapons program. >> i'm optimistic. >> chief of staff rahm emanuel could leave his post next month.
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that's according to insiders. speculation is he'll run for mayor of chicago now that richard daley will not seek re-election. stay tuned for that. tensions are rising in east jerusalem. the outrage after a palestinian man was shot and killed by an israeli security guard. what effect it will have on the current peace talks is unclear. palestinian leader abbas says he probably won't break off talks with the dispute over the west bank. suspected terrorists nabbed in yemen. government forces launched a major offensive trying to root out a terror cell with 120 militants. officials deny american-born radical cleric is among them. and those are your headlines. >> just look for the guy in the beard and just grab him. that shouldn't be a problem. we have enough photos of himment so yeah, we'll find out what's
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happening. it's funny we're saying it has nothing to do with him being there. we have a capture and kill on him. it's just coincidence. >> indeed. >> i digress. >> you do. the big news of what people are worried about, what's going to happen in the upcoming election? they are unveiling the new agenda this morning. it all starts this morning 10:00 out in the lumberyard in sterling, virginia. >> that's right. this is a 21-page document they're going to release today to the public. it's focused sharply on cutting taxes, spending and government regulations including president obama's health care law and his stimulus program so let's look at the details, you know, g.o.p. leaders formally roll it out this morning making clear what republicans would do if they take over the house after the midterms so on the economy, it promises to stop what republicans call job killing tax hikes. pass a small business tax
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reduction, reign in government red tape and repeal business mandates. for government spending, a vow to end government control of fannie mae and freddie mac, cancellation of all unspent stimulus money, a rollback of spending to prestimulus and prebailout levels, a hard cap on discretionary spending and weekly votes on spending cuts. for health care, repeal and replace health care reform law, substituting medical liability reform legislation and making permanent a law banning federal money for abortion services. in the government reform section of this, a rule mandating a 72-hour waiting period before votes on legislation and a clause in each bill demonstrating its constitutionality and finally in national security, a requirement that true funding bills be free of unrelated issues, and demand that terrorism suspects be kept off u.s. soil. sanctions against iran unless certain conditions are met and fully securing the u.s. border.
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so a lot of information in there. now, most of these ideas have little chance of passing, becoming law, rather, this session but the g.o.p.'s pledge is aimed at defining their party's agenda weeks before the crucial midterms. back to you guys. >> exactly. >> how is this being played out on capitol hill? what is everyone saying about the 21 point plan? democrats are mocking it and republicans are embracing it for a change. the first soundbite, let's listen to both sides. >> a point, counterpoint thing? >> yeah, let's hear it. >> the g.o.p. has done a good job in listening to the heartbeat of the people right now which is stop, turn the corner. and focus on job creation. >> from what i've seen, i haven't seen the whole product yet but i think it encompasses a broad based feeling of the -- the loss of jobs, the economy, and we've stuck to the issues, i believe, that are most important
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to people in america trying to put food on their tables. >> america became the greatest economy on the face of the earth three times bigger than the next largest economy. not our government control. not about the government making decisions but by the power of the people. >> this is putting the people back in charge of washington. >> the important points here are this. the republicans are doing this because they no longer want to take that sledgehammer to the head of being called the party of no. so now they come up with a very massive structured specific plan. number 2, apparently today, number 2 actually is to be in sterling, virginia, at a hardware store, that's where they're going to announce it. it's going to have the impact of being in front of a small business. they'll apparently have the back ventures talking about it. a lot of members of congress republican or democrat, they don't love them so they'll put some of the new faces of the party out there to make this
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announcement. >> we did just hear from the republicans and they love the idea because you're exactly right, gretch, the president has said, give me details! well, you're going to get some details today. here we have steny hoyer, the democrat from the great state of maryland on what he thinks it will say. i pledge allegiance to the hedge fund managers of wall street and the consumer protections i want to take away. i pledge allegiance to the insurance companies who we want to put back in charge of health care. i pledge allegiance to the wealthiest of the wealthy who will protect before the middle class. i pledge allegiance to the oil companies whom we apologized to. i pledge allegiance to big corporations and the jobs, they outsource with the recession and huge deficits for all. that's his take on the pledge. >> he says it will be a $700 billion hole in the budget assuming that the economy is not going to grow when you fertilize the ground for it to flourish and he also says, i think this is somewhat of a risk on the republican side is somewhat
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different. having talked to ralph reed yesterday on our very couch, big difference between a contract with america and pledge to america, no social issues. and -- >> that's right. >> when you get on the conservative base if you talk social issues, same sex marriages and they talk about abortion rights and federal funding. they say moderates, though are sometimes turned off by the so-called moderates, independents and social issues, making this part of a platform, it will be all encompassing. >> one of the main tenants of the entire republican party if you merge them has been spending. social issues have not been front and center in the major parts of discussion. congressman mike pence is going to be here live on the show to explain how he sees the new g.o.p. promise to voters. >> he'll be with us just an hour and 10 minutes from right now. what do you think? do you think that pledge sounds like something for america? e-mail us right now. friends at
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somebody who is on the internet all the time, good with that thumb action with twitter and facebook, i'm talking about former governor sarah palin on the greta van susteren program last night. this time, palin gave us a little idea on what's next for her. >> a reason to run is if nobody else were to step up with the solutions that are needed to get the economy back on the right track and to be so committed to our national security that they are going to do all that they can including fighting those on the extreme left who seem to want to dismantle some of our national security tools that we have in place. if nobody else wanted to step up, greta, i would offer myself up in the name of service to the public. >> if nobody steps up, she's going to be there. >> everyone is stepping up, though. >> come on. that's still vague. you got more hats in the ring than you had last week. so i'm not really sure that we got more specifics with that. >> she only talks about herself as representing the tea party. not so much the political party.
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she doesn't talk about sarah palin representing the republican party which is, i think, something to take into account. remember about a month ago when she had that great ad, it looked like she was running for president but i think the best theory on the republican side is to learn from the democrats. how much interest and passion and intrigue was around the battle between the mighty clinton machine and the insurgent barack obama and all his charisma? everyone forgot about what was happening on the republican side. this time if you bring out a mike pence and roll out mitch daniels and his track record as governor and then you have the star power of governor palin in alaska, everybody, whether you're a political junkie or not will be saying wow, look what's happening on the right. in the end, you'll get a lot more people registered so it will behoove the republican party to have stars like that, like sarah palin involved. >> somebody who -- >> i was going to say that's the first time this week that anybody has used behooved on this show.
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>> i like that word. >> a show that i hear behooved on a lot is the cobair report on comedy central. that's a funny show. >> that was a reach for a transition. >> i heard him say that this week. steven is a funny guy. he used to be an actor and now he is hosting that show. he'll be testifying come this friday. that's interesting. according to "the daily caller" they have republican sources that says mr. colbert will be testifying in character, wait a minute, under oath in character. what's that about? >> you know what? if this is true, this is one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in my life. the idea that we're going to waste our taxpayer dollars for this guy to go on capitol hill and we're supposed to sit there and take that if he's in character. this is so ridiculous, there's absolutely -- there's no way
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this can be true. there's absolutely no way this can be true. ok, well, guess what, this will be the lead story saturday, sunday and monday on this show. this is ridiculous! >> you know what it stems from, a bit he was doing on a show called -- he was highlighting the united farm workers president who says take our jobs campaign. really challenging the people to take the jobs of illegal immigrants so he went and took them up on it and did a mock thing where he was picking fruit. >> of all the people who could testify about immigration in our society and the problem of people taking jobs or not taking them, you're going to have somebody go up there in character and mock members of congress and waste our tax dollars to do that? that's one of the most ridiculous things i've heard of in my life. >> how did i go about defending steven colbert? >> you think you're going to hear something more ridiculous. >> jon stewart has a book out. he follows, i think, steven colbert is doing better than him
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ratings wise. he has to sell his live event and his book so he sought out bill o'reilly. here's a little clip from last night. >> the overarching theme of this is a comprehensive guide to how we got here, all that we accomplished while we were here and how we are leaving. >> all right. >> i'm not going to give away the ending. i'll give away the ending! killer bee, great white shark hybrid. >> this is just nonsense for 200 pages of nonsense? >> is that what it is? we think a little more highly of it than nonsense. but that's -- >> jibberish? >> we feel it's well crafted sapphire speaking to the human condition but ok, jibberish is fine. >> he was on bill o'reilly last night and now to help sell his book. that is satire based on -- >> and bill o'reilly will now -- then go across town to appear on his comedy central show. >> he really didn't answer any of the political questions that went his way just for the record. he danced around a lot. >> he's a comedian.
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>> a lot of people consider him to be real news. >> that's where the steven colbert is interesting to have a comedian down in washington. coming up straight ahead on this show as we play ourselves, sadly, this is us. he voted for every one of barack obama's signature pieces of legislation and now behind in the polls big time. will the virginia congressman stand by those policies? we'll ask him. >> yeah, it would behoove him to be on the show live. >> bus driver looks like he's focused on the road. look closely. he's reading. will the union, though, save his job? >> of course! vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need...
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>> virginia's fifth congressional district race, i should say, could be a referendum on president barack obama's policies. why do i say that.
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tom perriello supports barack obama but the latest polls have the reipublican challenge with lead. we had robert on yesterday, your opponent. first thing is first. are you surprised how much standing by the president has hurt you? no pun intended. >> congratulations on getting senator hurt. he hasn't done any media appearances locally. the reality is this election is going to come down who is fighting for everyday folks and conservative economists have said we'd be at 16% unemployment if we hadn't taken the steps that we've taken and, you know, i'd like senator hurt to go up to those 100,000 homes and tell them why he didn't think they should get broadband, go out to the dairy farmers and poultry farmers and ask why he doesn't think that they should be able to create their own energy and go to parents and say why he doesn't think those teachers needed to be in the classroom.
6:18 am
>> cap and trade have to be a little bit of an embarrassment. the senate left you out to dry and the white house as well. you support it still. >> the real winner is china and ahmadinejad. every time we don't have a national energy policy, we make our country weaker and send jobs overseas much the things we can do in the fifth district like make nuclear power, grow our own power, those are things here in america. until we get back to making things in america and growing things in america, we're going to continue to see economic doldrums so this is a time for courage. >> robert hurt had the courage to come on with us yesterday. here's his question he had for you. let's listen together. >> how is it that you have been able to support nancy pelosi 90% of the time on all of her signature issues, health care, cap and trade, and the trading dollar stimulus package. how can you say that's actually helped the people of the fifth district when we have unemployment as high as 20%. >> congressman, the floor is
6:19 am
yours. >> i think he was reading that off a cue card, if i was sure about that. >> no. it was conversation. >> $300 million in public and private investment into the area. we have been fighting to save jobs in our area while senator hurt has spent 10 years in the senate voting 20 times to raise taxes on working and middle class families. some of which were ruled unconstitutional because they were such ridiculous taxes so while he's been sitting there supporting outsourcing, raising electric rates and raising taxes, we've been out reducing taxes and trying to fight for working class families. >> you definitely want to separate yourself like many other democrats from the name pelosi. that will will be hard to do with your voting record. >> i voted with the republicans over 60% of the time and they're the real conservative in the race, and that's the thing that's scaring senator hurt. >> you are a morning person and ready to go. thanks so much for joining us. congressman tom perriello, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we switch gears, who needs amnesty? coming up, fake brides caught helping illegal immigrants get
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>> the labor department releasing the weekly jobless claims at 8:30 this morning. there, that's eastern time. they're expected to stay the same as last week when 450,000 people filed for unemployment. three more bodies identified in the aftermath of that gas explosion in san bruno, california. that brings the death toll to seven. the latest victim -- an
6:24 am
85-year-old grandmother, her 50-year-old son and 17-year-old grandson. six new york city police officers were treated for minor injuries after their helicopter crash landed in the water adjacent to kennedy airport. the pilot reported a mechanical problem and the helicopter's flotation devices kept it on the surface. it was assigned security duty for president obama's visit to the u.n. steve, gretch? >> thank you very much. here we are again. well, if hidden airline fees have made you mad as hell, you're not alone. when it comes to all the extra fees, the movie network springs the mind. >> i want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it and stick your head out and yell, i was mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> well, there is a way you can fight back today. >> and joining us now from the consumer travel alliance is charlie leoca, good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> you're advocating today that people get out of their chairs
6:25 am
at work and do that or from the home or what are you saying? >> well, i would like to tell them, go to the airport and say, i'm mad as hell! but you'll be arrested -- >> probably be arrested. so what this really is we've called it mad as hell day. this is the day, the last day for comments on a -- on the most sweeping consumer action regulations that the department of transportation has taken since the days of deregulation. they're changing all sorts of things. they're finishing their comments and the new regulations will be coming out at the end of the year. or early next year. and so what we wanted to do is we wanted to collect as many signatures as we could on a petition and it's still going on at and we're giving them to the department of transportation and sending them up to the secretary so we're trying to -- we're trying to affect change and we try to make things better for consumers. >> ultimately, lower prices are better for consumers.
6:26 am
but you don't really know, charlie, how much a ticket costs these days because you show up at the airport and next thing you know, you're given the guy at the curb two bucks to precheck the bag and you get on. you want some extra leg room. that's $25 or $50. if you got to cancel a flight, it could be $250 internationally. it just adds up. and that's why people are mad as hell. which of the fees bugs you the most? >> well, i mean, what i'd like to talk about in terms of fees that bug me the most, i guess any fee that's not disclosed. but what's really happening here is that americans are not upset if you tell them what something costs. they go -- they can make a decision. do i want to buy it or don't i want to buy it? what they don't want to have happen is they buy -- their airline ticket from a travel agent and they don't even know what the other fees are and they go to the airport and the airlines start tacking on new fees. and what we're trying to do is get it set up so that the airlines release all of their fee information at the same time that they release their air fare
6:27 am
information. that way, you can say hey, i'm traveling with my wife. we've got two kids. we're gonna have four carry-on bags. two checkeds and we'd all like to be sitting together and we'd like reserved seats and then the computer can spit out a number. >> true comparison. >> and tell you exactly what's going on. that's what we're asking for. it's not rocket science. >> charlie, before you go, what are you more upset about, then? the additional fees that we as customers have had to pay in the last couple of years like checking our bags and so forth and food on the airplanes or the ones we don't know about. >> well, i'm mad about the fees that we have to pay but what i'm really mad about is the fact that the airlines hide the cost of those fees. they can sell airline tickets anyway they want. but it's not right for them to not tell us the full price of what we're buying. >> all right. charlie leoca, consumer travel alliance, thank you very much for joining us today. aut thanks a lot. >> he didn't seem so mad as
6:28 am
hell. >> he had a lot of energy. that's how you show your anger. lawmakers wanting to pass a $20 billion spending spree. what's inside the $20 billion? stuart varney explains next. >> bus driver appears focused on the road. right? look closely, he's reading his kindle driving along the highway. get this, the union may save his job. you have to hear this one to believe it. >> remember the fiery stand-off in waco, texas? we hear about that kind of thing on the news. for one man, another day on the job. meet one of the toughest f.b.i. hostage negotiators and hear his secrets. >> and happy birthday to jersey boy bruce springsteen. 61 years old today.
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>> president obama's top economic advisor, a man named larry summers is stepping down. who could blame him for wanting to go out on top, huh? talk about a job well done, oh, yeah. only guy that's done a worse job, lindsay lohan's life coach, ok? please! >> that's fantastic. >> jay leno was pretty much the first comedian to really take on the obama administration at all. remember when he was running for office and they said obama wasn't funny. there was nothing funny about him. that's why they didn't make jokes about him. now almost any comedian has his
6:33 am
hands in it. >> in president obama's first year, he chose jay leno's couch after tom daschle was tossed into the scrap pile saying i screwed up. >> when he became president, he went to jay leno and letterman as well. equal opportunity comedian in chief. >> we know a lot of stuff. >> we do. >> like headlines. >> let me start with the headlines. we begin with the moment capturing when a bomb explodes during a military parade. watch. >> the blast left 12 people dead and dozens more hurt. the wives of two iranian commanders among the victim. no one has claimed responsibilities. iranians believe the kurdish separatists are behind it. secretary of state hillary clinton has condemned the attacks. >> a grand jury has indicted phillip and nancy gurrido accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her hostage
6:34 am
for 18 years. the indictment speeds up the trial process that has dragged on for more than a year and could spare jaycee from having to testify. she hasn't spokence sin appearing in "people" magazine last october. >> 22 people have been indicted in a marriage scheme. a gang of foreign nationals in the san gabriel valley near los angeles paid tens of thousands of dollars to marry american women to get u.s. residency. well, prosecutors say they wanted to stay here so they could sell marijuana and ecstasy as well. great. >> driving while reading? it just got this bus driver fired. and it's not the first time management canned the driver after a passenger took this video in portland, oregon, with a kindle on the dashboard and get this, the driver was fired before for shoving a passenger. but the union has saved his job. we'll have to wait and see what happens this time. >> i wonder if he's reading how to make friends and influence people.
6:35 am
>> it would be one thing if he was reading like mapquest or something to figure out where he was going but i doubt it. >> mapquest says turn left. turn left. >> right. >> by the way, just quick question, do you prefer the woman's voice or the man's voice when your g.p.s. talks to you? >> no voice. no voice. i haven't figured it out. >> i chose a woman. >> you did? we have a woman in our car. >> you do? you have a woman in your car. >> the bigger question is british accent or american accent. >> i go american. >> sorry, stuart varney. he's left the building! >> calm down, would you? you want to sit next to brian. >> left to right, go ahead. >> you know which way i go. >> stuart, could i do sports now, please? thank you. we don't need to be that team. that's the word from jets coach rex ryan trying to reel his team in after a series of public displays of embarrassment including a d.u.i. and a cat calling a female spanish reporter. >> it's an embarrassment to our owner and this organization and
6:36 am
let's just end it, you know, like -- like let's stop it. >> simple. wide receiver braylon edwards apologizing again for his d.u.i. arrest this week. he'll dress for the game but not allowed to start the game. soccer star david beckham taking legal action against "in touch" magazine over claims he cheated on his wife victoria with a call girl. the woman claims she and becks met up at a new york hotel back in 2007 but beckham says her story is full of holes and calls the allegation nonsense but he does it like stuart varney talks because he's british. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. >> let's talk about money stuff since stuart is right here and joining us shortly. the national taxpayer union has sent out a letter from 300 economists that says essentially, not extending the bush tax cuts would have deleterious effects, very harmful effects on the economy.
6:37 am
>> oh, yeah, i guess it's time -- sorry, i thought we were going to a soundbite. anyway, 300 of them. remember that you kind of got the impression from the obama administration that all economists agreed with the way in which they were approaching the whole tax issue. now you have at least 300 of them who say stu, you could probably come up with a few more, who probably would not agree with this. coming up, we'll have indiana congressman brad elsworth, democrat who signed that big letter we talked about earlier in the week against all the tax hikes for everyone. he's going to be here at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> up to now 34 house democrats that will vote against it. therefore, it doesn't look like they're going to actually bring it up before the election, talking about allowing bush's tax cuts to -- >> that's a huge point, by the way, because to not bring it up before the election is monumental because maybe a lot of democrats don't want to face the music at home. >> very good. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. the obama administration is asking congress for another $20 billion for loose spending. this time the republicans are digging in their heels saying
6:38 am
enough is enough. stuart varney says i'll talk now. i wonder, stu, is this the beginning of the g.o.p. trying to curve the democrats' spending binge? >> this is the beginning of the g.o.p. trying to roll back health care reform. tucked into that $20 billion spending package is some funding for the beginnings of health care reform. couple of hundred million dollars going to workers. >> this was not funded. this is the new health care. >> what brings you that? >> well, you know, fund an entire huge reform in advance, you fund it starting now. and starting now, the republicans say don't spend that money for health care reform. we want to roll it back. tucked into this spending plan is the new money for health care reform. republicans want to kill it. it's interesting to your point, they have time to debate this $20 billion spending plan, they'll debate it and they will pass it. but they don't have time, apparently, to discuss tax cuts which is a far more important issue for the overall economy.
6:39 am
>> why do you think -- you mean, do you go along with my cynicism as to why they're going to try to push off the tax cut discussion? >> i do. it's a very tricky -- well, the democrats are flat out divided. by our count, 38 house democrats want to extend tax cuts for everybody, the rich included. the president, a democrat, does not want to do that. the democrats are split. do they want to vote where they are split right before the election? answer, probably not. >> sure. ok. >> so you've got your show on the fox business network at 9:20 eastern. what do you got coming up? >> about taxes and about spending and about whether we have the government do it or not do it. >> michael reagan, frequent guest on the program, by the way. we cover california very heavily and mike reagan does it for us. >> all right. we'll be watching. >> thank you. >> 9:20 eastern on the fox business network. stu, thank you. >> well, he was there for waco and other high profile hostage situations. up next, one of the f.b.i.'s toughest negotiators will join us live with his inside scoop.
6:40 am
>> if we can meet his terms. and then the imam behind a mosque near ground zero ordered into court today but it has nothing to do with that mosque. >> meanwhile, time for the quote of the day. who said this? i believe in tough love. but i don't think i can ever be cruel to another artist. e-mail -- i know this one. e-mail us friends at with the correct answer. you could win -- stuart varney will come to your house and drive you around for a week. >> or clean your oven. >> that's called winning? vo: what is the good egg project?
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>> i'll you're sleeping, now you're awake, here's what's up. has imam rauf made progress fixing his apartments in new jersey. the religious leader being sued by tenants who say he won't fix mold problems and fire hazards and then this just in -- video rental giant blockbuster filing for bankruptcy. stores and kiosks while stay open while they try to reorganize. gretch? >> thank you, brian. well, remember the fiery stand-off in waco, texas, back in the early 1990's? we hear about that kind of thing on the news. for our next guest, it's another day on the job. meet one of the f.b.i.'s toughest hostage negotiators, he's right there. founding chief of the f.b.i. crisis negotiation unit and author of the new book "stalling for time." good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> actually, the essence of the whole book is in the title
6:45 am
"stu "stalling." you talk so much about how the negotiations have changed in the last couple of decades. in what way? >> when i first got involved in the negotiation business in the late 1970's and early 1980's, it was primarily a bargaining approach with trying to leverage what someone holding hostages would want to make a trade of some kind so we can get hostages released safely. what's really evolved is the realization that police negotiators around the country are more likely to face emotionally driven situations with enraged individuals and in those instances, we have to use more of a crisis intervention approach and active listening approach to create a relationship where we can begin to influence them positively. >> let's talk specifically about the waco case. of course, the branch davidian compound in 1993, 51 day stand-off. and you were on that scene. so was that an example of where you say that the approach used to be, guns blazing, the f.b.i. stormed in and that now you would have approached that differently?
6:46 am
>> no, i was in charge of the negotiations out there for the first 26 days and during that time, i think we pursued a pretty effective and innovative negotiation approach. we secured the release of 35 people including 21 children. there was pressure on f.b.i. management at the scene to take a tougher approach. there was criticism that the event was taking too long and costing too much. so i think there was a decision to increase the external pressure to try to force them out and again, i had left by that time but it had very negative ramifications and we ended up in a pretty bad situation. >> so your whole point is that stalling and compromise seem to be better tactics? >> well, not compromise from the standpoint that we make major concessions but dialogue is always effective. people want to be listened to and they want to be understood. and if law enforcement demonstrates a genuine interest in hearing your side of the story and showing them respect and dignity, we're far more likely to get the outcome that
6:47 am
we want. >> very interesting. the most interesting part of your book is that some of these lessons about being a hostage negotiator, we can actually use in our everyday lives. how? >> well, i think the easiest concession we can make, again, is to be a good listener. to realize that people may not share the same point of view but it doesn't mean that you're right and they're wrong. so if we demonstrate a willingness to hear the perspective of someone else, it helps to create a relationship and helps to diffuse conflict and particularly in enraged situations when someone's emotional levels are very high, the first thing we have to do before being of influence is lower that emotion. we do that through demonstrating we care what they have to say and we want to help them out. >> very interesting enough. gary nesser, new book "stalling for time." thanks for being our guest, gary. >> thank you very much. >> well, the president reportedly said our country could absorb another terror attack? is that really a good thing to say with our men and women
6:48 am
serving overseas? a fair and balanced debate next. and then hundreds of you e-mailed us yesterday about the educator who said it was unamerican to chant "u.s.a., u.s.a." at games because it makes muslims feel bad. this morning a marine will respond to that and now for the answer to our quote of the day. the most powerful half-ton crew in america h a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size picku on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings ar $5,600.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
>> according to an explosive new book from bob woodward called "obama's wars" president obama had this to say after being warned about another terrorist attack on american soil. "we can absorb a terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can to
6:52 am
prevent it. even a 9/11, we absorbed it and we are stronger." so is the president, perhaps, putting our troops in danger as some have suggested since that excerpt came out? joining us, two fox news contributors, senior correspondent in p.r., juan williams and conservative columnist andrea tantaras. good morning to both of you. juan, you don't have a problem with this. >> no, i think it's really an affirmation of america as a strong, resourceful country, resilient and i think what the president is saying, he'll do everything he can to prevent another terrorist attack but if the terrorists think that we are weak and that we can be easily scared off by one attack. it's not true. that's not america. >> but, you know, 9/11, we lost 3,000 people. to say we can absorb it, that seems insensitive. >> it might seem insensitive, but, you know, he's not your preacher. he's not your mom. he's your president and he has a vision and he's trying to communicate to the bad guys that, you know what? we can take a punch and we punch back. >> all right. i think andrea would like to punch you right now. she doesn't agree. >> can you absorb this heel, juan? >> absolutely not.
6:53 am
i go home! >> i think this afirms the fact that the opposite. i think this afirms the fact that the president is emotionally detached from reality. you can understand now why he doesn't grasp the severity or situation of a mosque at ground zero, because he doesn't understand what happened down there. i think this book particularly shows his inexperience and his inability really to lead and particularly the part in the book about i cannot lose the democratic party. we've had suspicions, at least i have, others have, for a very long time that this president was only in afghanistan for political reasons. he doesn't use the word win and i questioned the goals. and now we see that it's politics. men and women's lives are in danger to bolster his flimsy national security credentials. >> she mentioned the quotes about two years ago. we'll put it up on the screen right now. the president said i have two years with this public on this. i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party. all right, juan? >> you foregoat history because
6:54 am
in vietnam, what happened was lyndon johnson not only lost the democratic party, he then did not run for re-election and he lost the american people. unfortunately, both these wars, iraq and afghanistan are not popular with the american people. you got to have the support of american people for our troops if you were going to put them out there, you can't just put people out on a limb and say, oh, yeah, this is a good thing and i'm telling you, you know, you got to have public support. >> i get that. i actually agreed with his quote, the part about the nation building up until it got to politics and i think that's when -- when he announced a surge in troops in afghanistan, but also simultaneously announced a time line, that's when people shook their head and said what is this guy doing? >> you know what? a lot of people said they didn't want him to put the additional troops in. after what happened with weapons of mass destruction in iraq, america is war weary and we know the cost, both in terms of lives and in terms of our treasure and so a lot of -- that's why if you look at the numbers, the support isn't there and believe me, andrea, politics is an essential part of waging a successful war.
6:55 am
>> indeed, juan. but the problem is we'd like to think the president is putting stuff aside from politics before everything else. >> the man just sent 30,000 additional troops into afghanistan so obviously -- >> what we've learned from this book, all the military guys wanted 40,000. biden's side wanted far fewer than that. obama came up with a six page document on his own and said ok, guys, here it is. >> he made a decision. see, don't you think every administration bickers and back and forth. at the pentagon, the general's chief of staff said his aide is stabbing him in the back. >> utly, they listen to the military guys. i'll give you the final word. >> i think this proves the point that he called afghanistan the good war. he's never defined the goals for winning in afghanistan. he did it to bolster his flimsy national security. >> that's not true! stop the terrorists and always -- >> why announce a pullout?
6:56 am
soldiers are dying for his political gain. >> he said exit strategies to try to hold up the support for the american people for our trooms. >> worst part is the white house thinks this makes him look good. >> and encourages everybody to go buy the book. there's a lot in the book. we'll be talking about it for a moment. >> it's so early. i want to give you a kiss. it's like rolling over and kissing you. there you go! >> i'm going to leave. you guys kiss. i'm leaving. >> moving on. you know those grossly overpaid california city officials, how did they do it? and why did it take so long to notice them? we'll talk about that. and then one of 31 democrats who wrote a letter to nancy pelosi saying all the bush tax cuts must be extended to save the economy joins us at the top of the hour. congressman brad ellsworth straight ahead on "fox & friends." for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements...
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great thursday so far. thank you for sharing your time. the republican brass has a plan now to take back america and they've put it all down on paper. the ins and the outs of the new g.o.p. agenda. >> all right. 36 democratic congressmen are calling on president obama to extend the tax cuts for everybody. that's right. they won't toe the party line. we'll talk to them next. at least one of them. >> toe to toe. meanwhile, our troops sacrifice their lives so we can chant -- u.s.a.! u.s.a.! anywhere we want but an illinois educator at a college in illinois says that that chant is offensive to muslims. we're going to let a marine respond who goes to the same school and has written an op ed to the daily illini. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> hi, this is kathy ireland.
7:01 am
you're watching "fox & friends." >> kathy ireland from california. >> right, you would think she would be from ireland. >> she is somebody that would shout u.s.a., u.s.a. >> she turned from a supermodel to a super mega businesswoman. let's talk about what's going on in new york today because iran's president isn't going to get the face-to-face debate he wanted. the u.n. general assembly will hear dueling addresses from president obama and mahmoud ahmadinejad today. he takes the podium at 10:00 a.m. this morning and will walk a fine line between reaching out to iran while searching for sanctions against the rogue nation. ahmadinejad gets his turn at 3:30 this afternoon and expected to express iran's sudden interest now in restarting diplomatic negotiations with the u.s. over its nuclear weapons program. chief of staff rahm emanuel could leave his post as early as next month before the midterm elections. that's according to white house insiders. the speculation he's going to run, of course, for mayor of chicago now that mayor richard
7:02 am
daley is not seeking re-election. violence erupts in east jerusalem when a private israeli security guard shoots a man. skirmishes extending into the old wall city. no one has said whether this will affect the mideast peace talks. palestinian leader abbas suspecting those talks will go on even if israel resumes construction on a jewish settlement in the west bank. new details on how eight workers in bell, california, tried to pull off the taxpayer scam of the century. as they were hauled into court in shackles and jailed jump suits an audit of the city's financial records show the officials doubled taxes on services like recycling, sewer fees and lighting without voter approval. some of them paying themselves nearly a million dollars a year. those are your headlines. >> when a racket . >> i guess it was so exhausting he's still tired. can you imagine nodding off in court? house republicans are expected
7:03 am
to unveil their new agenda called the pledge to america. julie kirtz pledged to be up early in d.c. to break it down for us and she's fulfilled that pledge. >> thank you so much. yeah, the g.o.p.'s pledge to america is a long agenda. house republicans previewed the 21-page document last night on capitol hill. bottom line is it's aimed at answering charges by dems and republicans are just a party of no. here's a look. on the economy, it promises to stop what republicans call job killing tax hikes. pass a small business tax reduction, reign in government red tape and repeal business mandates. for government spending, a vow to end government control of fannie mae and freddie mac, a cancellation of all unspent stimulus money, a rollback of spending to prestimulus and prebailout levels. and a hard cap on discretionary spending. also, weekly votes on spending cuts in congress. for health care repeal and replace, the health care reform law, substituting medical liability reform legislation.
7:04 am
and making permanent a law banning federal money for abortion services. in the government reform section, a rule mandating a 72-hour waiting period before votes on legislation and a clause in each bill demonstrating its constitutionality. in national security, a requirement that troop funding bills be free of unrelated issues that demand that terrorism suspects be kept off u.s. soil. sanctions against iran unless certain conditions are met and fully securing u.s. borders. democrats are tearing it to pieces saying the pledge will "blow a $700 billion hole in the deficit to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires fortunately again, as you said, brian, republicans formally unveiled the pledge to america in about three hours. not from the steps of the capitol but from a virginia hardware store about 10 miles or so outside the capital beltway.
7:05 am
back to you guys. >> it's all about imagery in politics, is it not? that's why they're going to do this in front of a small business. much what they're talking about is trying to, from their point of view to regenerate jobs and economy and business. >> that's why they'll be in sterling, virginia, places i used to go to. >> plenty of washers. >> a lot of washers and galvanized nails as well. one of the things this is supposed to do, it does remind a lot of republicans this pledge to america with the contract for -- with america back in 1994 and how will it be compared to that? according to the national review on line, they say this pledge is bolder than the contract with america. they say the contract promised to hold votes on bills bottled up during decades of control by the democrats and the house. the pledge commits america to an agenda that makes federal government smaller, congress more accountable and the u.s. more prosperous. >> let's hear what republicans say about the pledge they're
7:06 am
about to unveil. >> the g.o.p. has done a good job in listening to the heartbeat of the people right now which is stop, turn the corner and focus on job creation. >> from what i've seen, i haven't seen the whole product yet but i think it encompasses a broadbased feeling of the -- the loss of jobs, the economy and we've stuck to the issues, i believe, that are most important to people in america trying to put food on their tables. >> america became the greatest economy on the face of the earth three times bigger than the next largest economy and not by government control, not by the government making decisions but the power of the people. this is putting people back in charge of washington. >> we're not talking about moral issues and not talking about things that usually rile the conservative base. trying to talk dollars and cents. it seems to be all that anyone is talking about. meanwhile, what is steny hoyer talking about? he is somebody people look to
7:07 am
sometimes on the democratic side a voice of reason. i think he's the voice of sarcasm. he says this. this is what they really do on the republican side. he claims it means i pledge allegiance to the hedge fund managers of wall street and the consumer protections i want to take away. i pledge allegiance to the insurance companies who we want to put back in charge of health care and i pledge allegiance to the wealthiest of the wealthy who will protect -- who we will protect before the middle class. you get the idea. steny hoyer being sarcastic about the pledge and sarcastic about what he claims to be republican agenda. >> and one of the things that, i think, when he -- in that same explanation is when they say millionaires and billionaires a lot of people would disagee with that because if a couple together is making over $250,000 a year, that doesn't qualify in my math as a millionaire. but that is one of the things they're using to favor their tax situation. coming up, we'll talk to mike pence at 7:15, eight minutes from now, congressman pence from indiana will be live to talk
7:08 am
about it. you were just talking about social issues, he apparently was adamant about getting language into this pledge about social issues and he will reveal that to us when he joins us in just a couple of minutes. >> good. meanwhile, he's on the republican side much on the other side of the aisle, more and more house democrats are coming out against their party and president obama because at least 36 democrat congressmen are now calling on speaker nancy pelosi to extend all of the bush era tax cuts. >> one of those congressmen is indiana's brad ellsworth and he joins us now. thanks so much. how is your pledge and push to include those who make more than thra $250,000 been to include those on the democratic side. >> i started talking about this in 2005 when nobody else was talking about that. they're weighing this out and seeing where people are on this. it's a position i've had for a long time. in our fragile economy when we need to put people back to work,
7:09 am
now is not the time to let the tax cuts expire. >> congressmen, a lot of people wonder why the president of the united states also a democrat like you are continues to attack the republicans for wanting to extend the bush tax cuts to everyone including the wealthy and yet, now there are 36 democrats in the house who agree with the republicans. so how do you rationalize that in your own brain? e>> well, i don't know if it's agreeing with the republicans or not. that's their stated out position but this is something, again, when these tax cuts were put in place, they were given an expiration date to review that. that's what happened. i think this time in our fragile economy, it's time to let those go on. again, that was the purpose of letting these have an expiration date or sunset date. >> congressman, i've heard a number of republicans with their rational for why they should extend all the tax cuts including the ones for the people -- the most successful at the higher income brackets. i'd like to hear your reason for
7:10 am
extending them? >> again, i think in our fragile economy right now as i talk to business leaders and workers, it's something that they want stability. they want to know that what i can do when i hire people, i talk to businesses all day long and they spend weekends pouring over the books and over the regulations and what we're doing in washington, d.c. and how it affects their everyday lives. they need to know where we're going to so we need to set licies more than six months, more than 18 months, more than four years. they plan longer than that. we need to also. >> we understand it looks as though your agenda will not include voting on these and keeping the tax cuts in place. they'll wait until after the election. >> i don't know. you say my agenda. i don't set the pace. i would vote on these the afternoon if they come up. >> what can you tell me about the house agenda, will this be addressed or not? what is the latest you have heard? >> i have not heard. i think there's people still
7:11 am
talking. as you know, we've written letters, a group of blue dog democrats have written letters to the leadership asking to bring this to vote. my opinion is we do this before we go home. >> congressman, let's just get to the nitty-gritty here. there's politics involved here, right? because nancy pelosi and steny hoyer don't want to extend all the tax cuts so they don't want democrats to have to go home and face the music with their constituents. isn't that the real story here? >> the problem is there's politics involved from both sides of the aisle here every day and yet, policy is what's important and we need to put the partisan politics aside and do what's right for the people back in my case, back in indiana and across this country. that's what we need to focus on. you're right, politics are way too rampant in this place and that's bipartisan. >> i've heard that 31 democrats signed the letter to speaker nancy pelosi. how many democrats defend your position? >> that's hard to say. i've not done a poll of the democratic caucus.
7:12 am
i don't know. i'm on that letter and take that position. >> all right, congressman brad ellsworth, democrat from indiana. thank you, sir, for joining us this morning from the bureau. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> all right, hundreds of you have e-mailed us and it happened yesterday about the educator who said it was unamerican to chant "u.s. a" at any games because it makes muslims feel bad. that was the reasoning. a marine veteran responds in 10 minutes. >> suspected criminal picks a pretty good hiding spot. a dumpster. not so good. it was trash pickup day. wait until you hear his frantic call from 911 from inside that garbage truck. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit.
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the most common side effect is nausea. patients also reported trouble sleeping and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. until you know how chantix may affect you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. chantix should not be taken with other quit-smoking products. ♪ my benjamin, he helped me with the countdown. "ben, how many days has it been?" "5 days, mom. 10 days, mom." i think after 30 days he got tired of counting. [ male announcer ] talk to your doctor about chantix. find out how you can save money on your prescription and learn terms and conditions at >> welcome back, everyone. in a few hours, republicans are
7:16 am
unveiling their pledge to america in virginia. promising to focus on the economy, national security and repealing health care reform. joining me now from virginia, indiana congressman mike pence. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. i guess the republicans can't say the democrats are the party of no. >> right. welcome to the party of yes out here in sterling, virginia, we'll raise the curtain on a pledge to america that's going to lay out our agenda for what we'd like to see this congress right now do to get spending under control, to get this economy moving again. to protect our nation, to battle against the massive expansion of government that's been under way and to get us back to the ideals and the values of the broad mainstream of the american people. >> and yet, the republicans who are going to be there today, congressman, seem to be admitting to past mistakes in some of the dialogues that i've read about this pledge, some republicans are saying, look, we learned our lesson. what do you mean by that?
7:17 am
>> well, look, you know, i said back in 2006 that, you know, republicans didn't just lose their majority. we lost our way. i mean, truthfully republicans walked away from the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility that minted our national governing majority in 1980 and then again in 1994 and the american people walked away from us. the pledge to america today is an important first step back toward reengaging the american people on our ideals and our values and solutions to get the economy moving again. get spending under control. reform government, protect the nation and respect our values. >> is that a tip of the hat to the tea party movement? >> oh, i think it's more than a tip of the hat, gretchen. i think that the tea party movement or the people that have attended town hall meetings over the last year and a half have sent a deafening message to washington, d.c. that enough is enough. they want to see us get back to
7:18 am
the practice of fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, government reform. they want to see us get government spending under control and get this economy moving again and they want to see us do all of that in a way that's grounded in the freedom, limited traditions of this country. this is a big hat tip to all the american people that are standing up and saying we can do better. >> congressman, one of the main points of the republican party in the past has been the social issues. but that seems to be missing from this pledge. i have it on good authority you were adamant about making sure that there was some language in this pledge about social issues so this is what it will say now. we pledge to honor families, traditional marriage and private faith based organizations that form the core of our american values. why was it so important to include that language in this pledge? >> look, first and foremost, what we're going to see in the pledge to america today which was not in the original contract
7:19 am
with america, gretchen, is a statement about the sanctity of life and a statement about traditional marriage. and i think that -- i think that's an important accomplishment for everyone in this country that cherishes the common values of our country. now, i think it was important that republicans make an affirmative statement in favor of traditional marriage in a pledge to america. we've done that. but don't miss the fact, too, gretchen in the pledge to america today, the american people will see the republicans are prepared to commit to deny all public funding for abortion at home and abroad. and we will work to make that a government wide ban. and so different -- different from the original contract with america, yes, we deal with spending, with jobs, with government reform, with security. but we also make a strong affirmation to the broad mainstream traditional values that really make this country great. >> congressman mike pence standing out in front of the small business there and that's where the big announcement will
7:20 am
be, the pledge to america. congressman, thanks for your time. >> no, thank you, gretchen. >> and now, a follow to a story we first told you about yesterday. the educator that wants to ban the chant "u.s.a." at sporting events because it makes muslims feel bad. up next, a marine veteran responds. and then jon stewart enters the no spin zone with o'reilly. things got a little feisty. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> it's news by the numbers time. 22, the number of people indicted in the green card marriage scam but there's more. the gang of illegals not only allegedly paid american women to marry them for residency, their ultimate goal was to sell drugs in the u.s. next, $100 million.
7:24 am
that's how much money facebook founder mark zuckerberg is donating to newark's troubled school system. 31%. that's how much the price of coffee beans has gone up over the past three months. now starbucks is raising prices. >> thanks a lot. it is a cheer that unifies the united states. remember the scene from the movie "miracle" brian's favorite about the 1980 olympics. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> that's what you've done. >> now, that same chant, you hear in the background. u.s.a., u.s.a., is coming under fire at the university of illinois. social researcher david green had to say about students chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. at a football game on 9/11. this was neither patriotism nor rememberance. students should be ashamed of their obnoxious chicken hawk
7:25 am
chant, well, chad garland is a student there and a marine veteran and he joins us right now from our bureau in chicago. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you served proudly in the u.s. marines and now gone back to study what there at illinois? >> to study russian literature, steve. >> all right. when you saw this letter to the editor by this david green guy who is a visiting policy analyst there. he's, you know, part of the administration or part of the faculty there where he was essentially scolding students for cheering u.s.a., u.s.a. after a flyover and a moment of silence at memorial stadium. what did you think? >> i was shocked. he is an academic and his entire argument is full of baseless claims and cliches about, you know, overprivileged white kids and just -- it's just a baseless, baseless letter and then it's a public institution
7:26 am
so part of its mission since it was founded by the land grant of 1862 is so support the military and support military officers so having a military flyover and having people, you know, chant u.s.a. on 9/11 is, you know, was fitting with the history of the university. >> uh-huh. >> absolutely. >> i don't know where he's coming from, you know. >> and in fact, i think john gregory, you write in your editorial, the first prince -- the first president of the university of illinois envisioned it as a west point for the working man essentially. and so now, fast forward to today at this recent football game. he writes when they say u.s.a., u.s.a., that would be offensive to muslims. what do you think about that idea? >> you know, i wrote that if, you know, with david green as friends, we don't need
7:27 am
islamaphobes. what he's saying basically is muslims can't stand u.s. patriotism. it's basically painting them as anti-american which is, i feel is -- is really a disservice to a lot of proud american muslims and muslims across the world to appreciate america and understand what we're doing, you know, in the middle east and what we're trying to do. >> sure. what would your message be to this david green, the visiting policy analyst that wrote this op ed? >> i think he needs to stay away from the stadium on saturdays if he doesn't want to hear that chant and just go watch a soccer game or something, you know, if he'd be more comfortable with that. >> all right. great points. chad garland, marine vet, now studying at the university of illinois. thank you very much, sir, for sharing your $0.02 on this. >> thank you. >> what do you think out in tv
7:28 am
land? who is right on this? david or chad, the marine? e-mail us right now at friends at meanwhile, straight ahead, a criminal picks a good spot to hide. a dumpster. unfortunately for him, it was trash day! >> trash truck and he's compacted me. >> oh, man, that's the guy right there. his pleas for help from the back of the garbage truck via cell phone. you had to be a billionaire to make the list of richest americans and some of those folks are already 20 something. and man, the 20 something year olds. >> then jon stewart enters the no spin zone. highlights from his visit with bill o'reilly. interesting grooming.
7:29 am
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chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size picku on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings ar $5,600. >> the overarching theme of this is a comprehensive guide to how we got here, all we accomplished while we were here and how we're leaving. i'm not going to give away the ending. i'll give away the ending many killer bee great white shark hybrid ends up going out of control. >> just nonsense. this is just nonsense for 200 pages of nonsense? >> is that what it is? >> we think a little bit more highly of it than nonsense. >> jibberish? >> we feel it's well crafted
7:33 am
satire speaking to the human condition. ok, jibberish are fine. >> when asked last night on the o'reilly show whether or not they had a permit or something like that, jon stewart says probably not. i don't think so. >> believe it, they do. they are heavily on the line on this. imagine if they -- how can you possibly outdraw glenn beck? they are putting themselves totally out there. >> that's what we were discussing yesterday. yeah, i don't know if it's such a smart p.r. move. you never know how many people will show up. lots of people watch their shows. >> o'reilly goes on there because they both have books out. steven colbert, word is, will be testifying before the house committee on immigration. >> you cannot be serious. >> you're reading that like it's a news headline that we've come to this point where steven colbert is credible enough in character to testify. >> comedy central, day after
7:34 am
day, almost like they're working for the democratic party because they knock the soup out of republicans every night much what's their defense? well, we're just comedians. steven colbert will be appearing apparently in character as the steven colbert character talking about immigration. this has to do with a tape that ran last night when he was talking to united farm workers. >> so apparently he had a brief job as a vegetable farmer and i guess that gives him credibility to testify on capitol hill. i don't know, you be the judge of that. does that sound ridiculous? >> not a real job. he did it as a mockup in his show and now he wants to testify in this subcommittee, subcommittee. meanwhile -- >> but if he's testifying, will he be under oath? and if he's a character, how does that work? >> two oaths. >> maybe. in the news right now, investigators trying to figure out why a chopper on security patrol for president obama yesterday slammed into the water here in new york. one of the rotors cracked and
7:35 am
smashed the windshield as it jammed into jamaica bay. the pilot and officers escaped with minor injuries. the pilot had warned the chopper pilot about possible turbulence from air force one approaching j.f.k. for the president's visit to the united nations. was it related? don't know. >> we know the identities of all the victims of the san bruno gas explosion, the bodies of 85-year-old and her 50-year-old son gregory and 17-year-old grandson william discovered in their home. this brings the death toll to seven. four people remain hospitalized. three in critical condition. gretch? >> congressman mike castle leaving the door open to a write-in bid now, surprise, surprise. in the mid-term election. we've been talking about this on the show. castle lost delaware's g.o.p. primary to tea party favorite christine o'donnell. castle says he's giving the idea some thought. last week, alaska senator lisa murkowski announced her own write-in effort after another
7:36 am
tea party candidate joe miller edged her out in the republican party. -- primary. man wanting for robbing a wal-mart finds what seems to be a decent hiding place. he went into a dumpster. it was trash pickup day. when the truck turned on compactor, the suspect made a desperate call to 911. >> police in ohio say he was hiding in the dumpster when it got hauled away by a garbage truck. 911 operators say he was screaming as he was getting crushed. police tracked down the truck and had him dumped out. he's in the hospital now with serious injuries. >> well, our economy may be losing along but the rich are getting richer in u.s. >> yes, they are. that according to "forbes" magazine. they tell us who made that list. steve, are we on there? >> not yet.
7:37 am
few more years and we'll get there. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what can you tell us about the top five? >> despite the flat economy, the rich got richer. once again, you had to be a billionaire to get on the "forbes 400." it's good. that's good for the economy. we want these people to get richer. it means more investment. it means more philanthropy and more r&d. it's good. top five got richer, too. bill gates, number one. $54 billion followed by his pal, warren buffet. and then you got larry ellison and then you got, you know, the waltons are there, you know, all in the top 10. same names as always. >> amazing dichotomy is wal-mart is affordable shopping for americans but it produced in the top 10 of family members the four top billionaires. you've got four family members in the top 10. >> yeah, this family controls about 1.3 billion shares of wal-mart. this family controls. if sam walton is still alive, he'd probably be the wealthiest person in the entire world. >> real quick, a lot of people say are you kidding me?
7:38 am
this is only good for them. when billionaires get rich, it's good for billionaires, they get richer. what do you mean others benefit? >> these 400 people are captains of the economy. you want them feeling good. you want them to feel comfortable and have a lot of money. they take that money and they invest it, they create new companies, they want growth and if not like bill gates and warren buffet, they want to give it away. the more bill gates and the more warren buffet are worth, that's the more money that goes to schools and education and health and all that. >> speaking of education, i want to bring up how the influence of social media in this latest ranking because the number is now facebook co-founder mark zuckenberg and he's about to give away a huge gift to a school in new jersey. >> he's worth more money than steve jobs and when steve jobs signed at apple, it was eight years before he was born. but social networks have been a huge pull. and he pulled two young people on the list this year. a 26-year-old and 28-year-old and his facebook i.p.o. gets
7:39 am
even bigger, there will be more facebook billionaires on our list. >> steve jobs must be such a loser today. i feel so bad for him. >> he's still worth $6.1 billion so he's hanging in there and he made a billion dollars this year. so making a billion dollars, you can't feel too shaby and most of the money comes from disney and not apple. >> very interesting. steve, you track this stuff every single minute of the day, thanks for bringing it to us. >> thanks, guys. go to steve outside, another beautiful day here? >> take a look, looking in the sky, a lot of people are talking about the environment these days. the days are starting to get darker. have you noticed that? the days are darker and stuff is flying off of trees and you got the leaves falling and the grass is turning brown and there's already been snow in some spots. that's a little clip you're looking at from the movie "forces of nature" by the way. i have looked into this -- what is going on and there's a technical term for what's happening in the environment.
7:40 am
it's called fall. ok? it's fall. so calm down. today is the first full day of fall as we cross into the autumnal equinox. let's take a look. we have some rain on the first day of fall all the way from the great lakes down through the central plain states. it is really raining through portions of the north central missouri valley and mississippi valley as well. move on to the next map and you'll discover today will be a very pleasant day across much of the country. 60's and 70's will be the rule up in portions of new england. uh-oh! temperatures in the 40's. 45 in caribou, maine. 75 in tampa. real quick, look at the day ahead. it's going to continue to be a hot one out in memphis. tennessee, toasty. 97 degrees. 96 today in raleigh, north carolina. and that is a quick look at the fox travelcast on this first day of fall! gretch and bri. >> if you don't mind, i'll call
7:41 am
it autumn. fine. even in the break. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, we move ahead. >> longest serving spokesperson at the u.n. says there are five things the president needs to say today to restore the reputation of the united states. he's here next to break those down for us. >> during the tough times, don't blow your money in vegas. that's what the president says. it appears folks who work in the census bureau were not listening. michelle malkin explains. she always listens and she's on at the top of the hour.
7:42 am
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>> all right. check your watch. in two hours, president obama will deliver his address to the u.n. general assembly right across town. it will be followed by another guy named mahmoud ahmadinejad. ty hernandez from our new york affiliate is live outside the u.n. for a preview. what do you expect? >> well, what we expect is
7:45 am
something very different from previous days. usually at that mid morning hour, this place is bustling with the aides and assistants and translators. this morning, all eyes and ears will be on the president. he's expected to deliver his address and urge the world to support an agreement that would create an independent palestinian state and a secure israel within one year. he's also expected to address some issues that may resonate more with the american public. he'll talk about the global economy and combatting al-qaida. mahmoud ahmadinejad, the iranian president is going to speak. he won't get the face-to-face debate he wanted with the president. the fact that he's going to be speaking quite far apart. president goes at 10:00 a.m. and ahmadinejad at 3:30. we'll have those traffic jams and street closures we love to complain about so a busy day overall. back to you. >> take the subway, it's the only way. that's my recommendation to you. but you haven't asked. for that, i'll save it. thanks so much, ty hernandez. steve
7:46 am
steve? >> thank you, brian. what should that mean, the commander in chief stay before the united nations general assembly today. >> let's ask the former and longest serving u.s. spokesperson at the u.n. appointed by president bush. good morning to you, richard. >> good morning. thanks for having me, gretchen and steve. >> you have broken down the five most important points that the president should make apparent today. make clear, the immigration law was not written or was written to stop illegal immigration, not prohibit legal immigration. you, i think, had a problem with the fact that this was seen part of the u.n., right? >> yeah, i think this is really problematic. and president obama when he speaks this morning, he's the second speaker at the u.n., it's a huge day. the world is going to be watching him. this is a chance for him to let that u.n. community know that this arizona issue is about illegal immigration. it's not about legal immigration. and i think that's a huge distinction and it could be a -- a wake-up call for the u.n.
7:47 am
because they're really confusing the two terms. >> yeah, good luck waking them up. also, you say the president of the united states should nominate a high ranking, perhaps, a u.s. ambassador level person to tackle u.n. reform and u.n. budget waste because they're famous for wasting a lot of dough. >> yeah, they waste a lot of american taxpayer dollars and there are five ambassadors at the u.s. mission. you only hear about the top one. but out of the five, there is an empty position. there's an empty chair that president obama has not nominated somebody officially for. that person is in charge of pushing u.n. reform. that person is really the caretaker to u.s. tax dollars. and there is no permanent person in that seat. and it's a shame and it just is a huge signal that this administration, president obama, susan rice, they don't care about u.n. reform. they would rather let the u.n. spend their money without check. and i think that's a huge problem.
7:48 am
>> that's interesting based on the fact that they've found time to appoint about 30 czars in other areas. >> right. >> but the number three point that you have is to condemn any global airline tax but that's not the whole story, is it, because that tax would go for climate change initiatives? >> yeah, the u.n. had talked about this for a very long time and it's very problematic. a lot of the european countries are pushing this but it would be a tax on every airline ticket and basically, american airlines, united airlines, all of the world airlines would be forced to put this tax on every ticket sold. and all of that money would go towards climate change issues and climate change programs to the u.n. and we've seen that when the u.n. puts forward a document about climate change, how that can go awry with the scientists clearly manipulating the data so i don't think that we should be collecting money on airline tickets to go for these programs. >> and finally, and this is a real quick answer needed. make clear the united states
7:49 am
won't unilaterally disarm its nuclear weapons and won't support restrictions on private firearm ownership. quickly. >> steve, this is probably the number one issue that obama will talk about today. will we unilaterally disarm? he'll talk a lot about the start treaty. talk a lot about how he looks at the npt and i think what we immediate to hear from obama is that he will not push us to unilaterally disarm when others are not. >> excellent. thank you very much for joining us today from the city of angels, los angeles. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> many of our nation's best soldiers learned the basics for battlefield on the playing field. next, the high school athlete selected for this year's army all american bowl. >> first, a history lesson. back in 1967, the box tops had the number one song in america called "the letter."
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> soldiers and football players possess very similar sets of strength that transcend the battlefield and playing field and for that reason, each year, they host a high school all american bowl, that's what it's called, for students who have displayed those qualities. players and people have to be outstanding. here to explain what it takes is the commanding general in charge of the army sports marketing outreach, lieutenant general, welcome, general. >> thank you. >> 17-year-old defensive end from lincoln high school in brooklyn is shaq williams. welcome to both of you. you're here and always a pleasure to see you. first off, why is shaq the perfect person to kick off the naming of this all american bowl? >> well, he's the first player to be picked by the united states army. he's a great leader of character for his team, great student and great football player. he plays both defensive end and plays tight end as well.
7:54 am
so he represents what we look for, his strength, character, discipline, tomorrow work, cohesiveness. >> do you take pride in showing that off the football field? >> every time i get on the field i try to show that. >> what about when you're in the community, in town, amongst your friends who don't play football? >> i try to show example for them so they can do with their life. >> i understand, too, your brother was killed back in april of this year. that almost is unbelievable to deal with. >> yeah. it's hard. but i had to deal with it and keep going forward. >> i guess you are. talk about this program, what does the army teach that you see in a lot of football players? because we know famously being mccarthur said if you want something done, send a football player. >> actually general lee said that. i want an army of football players. we select these men that we do and select 100,000 that we have
7:55 am
come under command every year. we look for the same kind of characteristics in those that qualify to come in the army. he's one of 90 out of thousands that play football. 100,000 that come in the army this year, probably four or five are rejected for the 100,000 that have come in this year. >> i can't believe this. 3 of every 10 among americans say i want to sign can't pass the physical. >> 28% can't come in the army because of either education, physical readiness or conduct. it's a silent epidemic in the united states. >> i know you'll be in the all american bowl. i know what you're doing -- you're going to be at the alamo in san antonio, texas, the alamo bowl. tell me about what the schools are recruiting you, where are you leaning? >> i have three schools that are definitely in there. penn state, alabama, and notre dame. >> i don't think you can go wrong with any three of those, all right? congratulations on all your success. it's great to see you, general. and good luck with the game.
7:56 am
>> thank you. >> meanwhile, moving up straight ahead, remember when president obama said during tough times, don't blow your money in las vegas? it seems the folks at the census bureau are blowing their money in las vegas. michelle malkin explains at the top of the hour. don't tell these women not to cheer u.s.a. at sports games. it's the jets cheerleaders. they won last week and couldn't be happier. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ savor and explore, the great indoors ♪
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8:00 am
kind of answering the question that everybody wants to know about president. >> if nobody else wanted to step up, i would offer myself up in the name of service to the public. >> peter: will she really run? we're going to report and you'll decide. >> brian: the president said during tough times don't blow your money in las vegas. it appears folks who work at the census bureau were not listening. michelle malkin was paying attention and will be here with her story because "fox & friends" starts right now. >> # >> brian: everyone knows the jets now because they're on hard knocks on hbo. not enough emphasis was put on the cheerleaders. at least one victory this year. we'll focus on that dance team like never before and give them the attention they deserve. >> gretchen: you were giving out
8:01 am
assignments. i'm not surprised. >> peter: and those gals are pro. >> brian: yes. they are pro green and they are dancing in sync. >> gretchen: they got all the moves. >> brian: and great abs. >> peter: welcome on this the first full day of fall. we'll talk to michelle malkin about this stuff going on, including this new republican pledge. but right now gretch has headlines. >> gretchen: rumors swirling that another member of president obama's inner circle could be on his way out. david axelrod, white house insiders say he'll move back to chicago, but don't provide more details. in a statement to fox news, he denied the report, saying he'll stay at the white house well into 2011 and then at some point will leave to work on the president's 2012 reelection campaign. another one, white house chief of staff rahm emanuel could leave his post next month
8:02 am
before the midterm election. that's according also to white house insiders. the speculation is he will run for mayor of chicago now that mayor richard daley is not seeking reelection. iran's president isn't getting that face-to-face debate he wanted. instead, popo and ahmadinejab addressing the u.n. general assembly one after another with five hours in between. president obama takes the podium at 10:00 a.m. this morning. he's going to walk a fine line between reaching out to iran while pushing for sanctions against the rogue nation. then ahmadinejab gets his turn, 3:30 this afternoon, he's expected to express iran's sudden interest now in restarting diplomatic negotiations with the u.s. over its nuclear weapons program. hearing today to decide if imam faisal shahzad is fixing his apartment buildings in new jersey. the religious leader behind the mosque near ground zero being sued by tenants who say he won't fix mold problems and fire hazards. that's video of one of the places that he owns that we
8:03 am
documented for you a couple of weeks ago. >> peter: meantime, three minutes after the top of the hours. house republicans unveiling their agenda called the pledge to america. shannon bream is live at the tart lumber store in sterling, virginia to the west of washington, d.c. where gop leaders will announce the plan in two hours. shannon, how are they going to roll it out? right in front of the two by fours behind you? >> it might happen that way. you have to notice the contrast between this and 1994 contract with america. that was rolled out on the steps of the u.s. capitol. a lot of suits and ties, dozens of law makeers and candidates signed on. this fits with the tone of the times. people are worried about the economy. not in suits and ties, casual. they'll start with a small business round table. they'll talk about things the gop wants to change if they take over after the elections in november. things like rolling back what
8:04 am
they call job killing policies, things like repealing health care and also they say getting the government out of business. here is how congressman spencer back cuss from alabama rolled it out this way. he says this is the bottom line. >> we're going to get the government out of making individual choices for people. we're going to put the people back in control of their finances and resources. and we're going to turn the american people loose. >> we'll see how they respond to that message when it all rolls out about 10:00 o'clock this morning eastern time. >> gretchen: we spoke to congressman mike pence 45 minutes ago. he's also there with you in virginia. when i asked if the pledge was a tip of the hat to the tea party movement, he chuckled and said it was more than a tip of the hat. where does that show up as far as the tea party impact in this pledge? >> gretchen, a lot of lawmakers last night when they saw this, those who are in line with the tea party said we got tea
8:05 am
measures in there that we think are important and some appears to be showing up under the section that's about government reform. a couple of things. first of all, it looks like there will be possibly a 72 hour waiting period, at least republicans will push for that, before they vote for a bill so people can get a look at the legislation, house members can read it. a lot of accusations of people saying the lawmakers aren't looking at them before they vote for them. and the constitutionality, they're push to go make sure any bill you offer up contain has provision that explains how this bill is allowed under the constitution. where you get the power from and those seem to be nods to the tea party. >> brian: being that you're there, you might as well get some lumber and save a trip later. >> i've got a project going on at my house right now. maybe i could shave a little overhead off. >> peter: shannon bream joining us live, tart lumber in
8:06 am
sterling, virginia. joining us from colorado spring, colorado, is michelle malkin. good morning to you. what do you think about the pledge to america? >> good morning. well, let me start out with the things i like about this 21-page document. first of all, they're clearly listening to the grassroots base of the republican party who have been demanding some sort of written contract along the lines of the 1994 contract with america so that this party articulates what it is for. i also think it's a good rejoinder to all of the knocks from the democrats in the white house that the republicans are simply the quote unquote, party of no. in fact, the document opens up very prosingly with a recommitment to the constitution and a very important phrase that you haven't heard a lot from, haven't seen practiced by the white house and the democrat ruling majority, which is a commitment to the fact that the
8:07 am
government powers are derived from, quote, the consent of the governed. i think they put a lot of thought into this and there is a good balance between articulating principle and then being specific and talking about policy. but of course, there is always a caveat, but making promises and pledges is far more easy than it is to actually uphold them. the problem that so much of the base has had, especially over the last eight to ten years, is watching so many republicans make these grand pledges and then forsake them in times of crisis. >> brian: how about this from charles caughthammer. he said even if this is true, why would you put it down in paper and give democrats something to fire at? why would you give them ammunition? do you understand that school of thought. >> i politely disagree with him on that. i think there is nothing wrong with putting out a document there for people to debate and look, we've got this fight now
8:08 am
between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives and i think they did a good job of paying homage to both. they've got an agenda now and look, when you've got the democrats pressuring you, what do you want to do? what do you want to do? of course they've got to produce something. >> gretchen: they've got to so they're no longer the party of no. also the dynamic, what you won't see taking center stage,s the people taking center stage are not going to be the usual people like john boehner and such. they'll have the young republicans taking to the microphones. so there is a tremendous amount of imagery and thought that went into this whole thing to appeal to the american public. speaking of some of those tea party people, sarah palin, did she say last night what her plans are about running for president? listen to this. >> a reason to run is if nobody else were to step up with the solutions that are needed to get the economy back on the right track and to be so committed to our national security that they are going to do all that they
8:09 am
can, including fighting those object the extreme left who seem to want to dismantle some of our national security tools that we have in place. if nobody else wanted to step up, i would offer myself up in the name of service to the public. >> peter: so she'll do it if nobody else steps up. but there is a mob of people who are ready to step up. >> well, she's leaving the door wide open, as any savvy politician would. and i think she's putting all of the beltway gop boys on notice that they can't take her for granted. i don't think they are. >> brian: who is your pick, michelle? >> you know, i want somebody who is like i said, who will pay more than lip service to conservative limited government principles and we still have is a long way 'til 2012. >> gretchen: no kidding. after the midterms, that's all we'll be talking about. so the census bureau has taken
8:10 am
this extravagant vegas trip to discuss lessons learned from the 2010 census. keep in mind, this is after the president claimed during tough times, you don't want to go to vegas and blow all your money. what do you make of this? >> yeah. well, i just love it. i reminded people of president obama's quote, dissing, las vegas, advising not only corporate executives who took tarp money not to blow all their cash in vegas, but all the rest of us as well. apparently this does not apply to his own government employees. according to a local news affiliate in denver here in colorado, they spent $100,000 to send all of these managers to treasure island appropriately enough, to discuss all their lessons learned. this is just icing on the cake. $100,000 is piddly compared to the 340 million you'll recall, that defense paid for that big promotional advertising campaign
8:11 am
where they advertised it on the super bowl, et cetera. they spent -- squandered money on things like fortune cookies. really it was a temporary jobs program to goose up their employment figures, that was really the bottom line on all of this boondoggle. >> peter: the bottom line is it's always great to have you join us from colorado. we'll see you next week. >> thanks a lot. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the news consumer czar created controversy before she even started the job because the president appointed her to avoid confirmation. elizabeth warren will be here live next to discuss that controversy. >> gretchen: what not to do when you're driving a bus packed with passengers? how about read a book? the union saved this guy's job once, but will it happen again? that's a kindle in front of him, yes. >> peter: don't tell these women not to cheer for america. usa! usa! the flight crew, the jet dancers are here. can you tell they're live?
8:12 am
and lively.
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8:15 am
>> gretchen: she's the new czar of washington's consumer financial protection bureau, the goal is to protect consumers by creating clearer credit rules. elizabeth warren is my guest right now. good to see you in the studio. >> good to be here. >> gretchen: you are the new chief of the consumer finance protection agency, although you were not going to go through confirmation hearings. >> well, here is the way this thing is set up. ultimately there will be somebody who will be appointed to be the head of it, they'll go through confirmation and that sort of thing. the problem in the confirmation process right now is that i was told, i'm not the political person, but i was told that because you can put a secret hold on someone, it would be
8:16 am
possibly nine months, a year, even longer before i could ever even get a hearing. and in the meantime, i'd have two restrictions. i couldn't work on the agency at all. and i couldn't talk about it. as a nominee. so there is a second job. the other job that's in the statute is to get this agency started, start putting the tinker toys together, making it start to work. and so when the president and i talked about this, and we talked about it multiple times, he said, the other -- >> gretchen: you want to do the nonfancy one. there is another director job. >> i'm focused here, but there is no doubt the president will eventually name a director and they will go through the confirmation process. >> gretchen: what will this protection agency do? because let's face it, there has been criticism about this. many people believe that's a heavy handed approach to government intrusion, too much into the private lives of
8:17 am
american people. >> so we always have to remember where we start. right now there are seven agencies in washington, each of which owns a piece of consumer financial regulation. and each of which competes and puts out lots of you shall not and you can't and you must and that sort of thing. the number one tool of this agency is a pair of scissors. so what this agency can do is come through and scissor out all of those obligations that are somewhere else, bring them to one place, and finally make them smaller but more effective. so that we drive this agency towards simple things like two page credit card agreements and mortgage documents -- >> gretchen: i understand what you're saying, help the consumer. >> that's the idea. >> gretchen: some people argue that it's an intrusion into their private lives, that there will be this big data bank of information on every single person. >> oh, my gosh, no. that's not what this agency is about. in fact, it's really very much the reverse. this agency is the first ever to
8:18 am
try to give consumers some ability to see the records that people are keeping on them. it has credit reporting as part of its portfolio and letting consumers, by law, say i want to see what's in my credit report. >> gretchen: i want to show this time magazine cover because i don't think we had a chance to chat with you since it came out. you were named one of the three women as the new sheriffs on wall street. how did you feel about that? >> you know, well, i was flattered, in very nice company. my goodness, sheila bear and mary shapiro, but i have to say, there is a part of it that was -- made me feel good, it made me feel like somebody recognizes that what we're trying to do is clean things up. we've been in a real mess. we've got markets that aren't working properly. and that the goal here is to
8:19 am
come in and say, the american people deserve better than this. they deserve government that works on their behalf and cop on the beat, just to make sure everybody is playing by the rules. >> gretchen: you were the watchdog for the tarp money and now you will be in charge of the consumer protection agency. good luck. >> thank you. >> gretchen: the president reportedly said he needed a plan out of afghanistan quickly so he didn't lose his democratic base. that's according to a new book by bob woodward. how will putting politics first affect the war and our troops, a former white house advisor on iraq will join us next. then a marine's response who says chanting usa at sporting events is unpatriotic? all because it may hurt muslims' feelings.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. coming to us out of london, word that a plane flying from new york to athens, greece was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot noticed a smoke smell in the cockpit. the plane landed after 11:00 o'clock eastern time last night. the 231 passengers and 12 crew members on board are all reported to be safe. we'll coupe you abreast of that story. >> peter: it's not even in the books stores yet, but details are emerging from bob woodward's new book exposing the administration's indecision on afghanistan and a lot of infighting. so does word of this infighting make it impossible for the united states to win the war? >> brian: joining us now, middle east expert, former white house advisor to iraq. jeremiah, what's your reaction to some of these revelations that the president only talked about getting out and yelling at his generals essentially saying, come up with a plan where i leave soon?
8:24 am
>> leave soon, so he was afraid of losing his liberal democratic base. i mean, to be a commander in chief and to have your strategy being driven by that concern is absolutely -- it's unbelievable. >> peter: so he was more worried about losing democrats than losing the war. let me ask you about this, does this mean hillary clinton was right, he's not ready -- he wasn't ready for that 3:00 a.m. phone call 'cause he doesn't want to be a war time president? he wants it over with? >> i'm very, very concerned. when you look at some of the comments that are coming out of the new book, such as saying that we could take another 9-11 hit to see his comments in may of this year regarding a nuclear attack, crude nuclear device going off in indianapolis, los angeles, being held hostage and for him to say that this could be a potential game changer, i mean, the man is not dealing with reality.
8:25 am
>> brian: i'm worried about the rift between the generals, the military and him, the marine commandant comes out and says by putting an expiration date on the war, it heartens the taliban. we've intercepted messages that say this. general petraeus says july is not hard and fast. the president says it is. there is a conflict, it seems, between the pentagon and the white house. here is secretary of defense gates. listen. >> we are moving toward the accomplishment of our goals. i think there is a general feeling that there has been some progress in that area. the one line that i picked up when i was in afghanistan was that it seemed like the closer to the front lines you are, the more confident and encouraged people are. >> peter: all right. so he says the surge is not over yet. it's working, far from over, but promising. >> absolutely. absolutely. we have made great inroads.
8:26 am
there is a lot of combat still going on and that will be the case for quite a while to come. we're in this for the long haul. july 2011, the president's concerns about the next election cycle for himself, our war strategy cannot be driven by that. we are making great inroads. we're working with elders in their villages. we now, just this last weekend, president karzai announced peace council, national effort to again bring in buy in from throughout the country. it's beginning to work. you've got local police militias that are being formed. i think it's about 68 communities now in afghanistan in the next several days here are going to be coming on-line with their own security forces. we have 100,000 new afghan police and troops going into the field. we've got the clear hold and build and that's going to take much longer than this artificial date of july 2011. >> brian: i think that's pretty clear. i wonder how much damage has
8:27 am
been done by finding out the president -- how the president really felt about the necessary war. i guess we have to wrap it here. but i know you have certain opinions about that, especially when you saw this country through one of the hard times in iraq when that surge was just getting started. >> yeah. we can make the long haul. it's a question of leadership. >> peter: good enough. great guest and commentary, thank you for joining us today from dallas. >> thank you. >> peter: in three minute, new numbers are coming out about the number of people filing for unemployment. what those numbers are and what they mean. analysis straight ahead. >> brian: she voted for the president, but confronted him about his own policies. we are hearing from velma heart right after this break. >> peter: and don't tell these women not to chant usa, usa. the flight crew, the jet dancers on the deck in our control room. stand by for chaos!
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8:31 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department just releasing the weekly jobless claims. you can see on your screen. 465,000 new claims filed last week. that is more than expected by about 15,000. it's the first increase since five weeks. they were expected to stay the same at about 450,000 claims.
8:32 am
we have eric bowling here to break it all down for us. >> we've been here about the last eight or so weeks and you look for a trend. for a while the trend was moving up, in other words, there were more initial jobless claims. we saw 500,000 initial jobless claims, it trended down for a little while. we were hoping it would continue on a downward trajectory and this jumped up to 465. the economists were hoping for 450. i'll hold this card up. 350 is the number you want to look for. so any jobless claims above 350 is bad. that shows the economy is in a job loss scenario. anything below and the number starts to drop below 350, that's a good sign because it shows the economy is creating jobs. >> peter: when the numbers were promising for a little while, how many of those jobs were federal census jobs? >> when when they were going down, they were putting on census jobs as those came off,
8:33 am
remember that august 14 number that went up to 504,000 for the week, that was because those census workers were coming off the payroll. >> brian: you keep hearing about the $2 trillion that major banks and billionaires have sitting on the side lines. what it's going to take for them to grow and invest? >> honestly, the lending process isn't going to start until people are not worried about their jobs. they're going to start to spend because their job scenario looks better. right now everyone is afraid of either not getting a job or losing their job. so they're not borrowing or buying or spending. the consumer is cocooning. >> gretchen: small businesses are not hiring either and one of the main reasons is because this whole tax dilemma has not been solved and now we have news that politician also go back home to see if they get reelected instead of solving the tax problem first. >> bush tax cuts expiring january 1. you will have all of the tax cuts expire unless there is a congressional meeting, extraordinary meeting in congress to push for some of
8:34 am
them or all of them to be extended. again, let's talk about it. not for a year, if you really want to extend them, you want to fix the economy, extend them for five. >> peter: good point. couple of days ago on another channel they had an economic summit, kind of a town hall down at the museum, the most electrifying question came from velma heart who said that -- there she is. she talked about i voted for you and i've defended you and i'm exhausted. your show caught up with her. here is a little bit of what she said to fox business. >> confront him, i asked the president that i elected and the man that i trust a serious question. these are difficult times. we're in challenging times and in challenging times, you have to ask difficult questions. and i was looking forward to his answer to that question. >> peter: did she wind up with the answer? >> let me tell what you she said. she said, it's hard to defend
8:35 am
it, mr. president, i've been waiting for change, frankly i'm still waiting. then she asked the poignant question that everyone heard and everyone was asking themselves in america, she said, mr. president, is this my new reality? referring to joblessness and the economy. >> brian: she's a wife, mom, army reservist. >> she also said, i'm deathly afraid of going back to the days where i used to have to eat hot dogs and beans. so i asked her, i said, are you the new tea party? are you the democratic version of the tea party? are you the hot dogs and beans party? and she kind of chuckled and said no, no. reluctantly i'm not any of that. i just was asking the question. you know what? the guy who launched the tea party, he didn't want to be that guy either. he kind of said, you know, we're taxed enough already and that really was the spark for the tea party. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is, i watched your entire interview with her last night, she seemed to be pulling back from her initial question and i was wondering in my mind what
8:36 am
democratic operative got to her. >> very good question. i asked her, were you a plant? no. she backed off -- my first question to her was, were you surprised at the power of your words? she said you know what? absolutely. her words were so powerful, they resonated, so many americans said i don't want to go back to hot dogs and beans either. she was reluctant because she's a democrat and she said she's still going to vote for obama. but real quick, there it is. the democratic version, the established democrats. is it hot dogs and beans, that's equal to the established gop and the tea party. i really believe she touch add nerve. she's intelligent, smart and well-spoken, likeable and doesn't want any part of the political process, which made her more desirable. >> peter: we'll be watching tonight. check out money rocks. >> brian: demonstrations now in france where union members are upset about a decision to raise the country's official retirement age to, get this, 62 years old. they're complaining about.
8:37 am
some unions are considering a strike that will leave schools and hospitals without any workers. come on. >> gretchen: investigators trying to figure out why a chopper on patrol for president obama slammed into the water in new york. one of the rotors cracked and smashed the windshield as it slammed into jamaica bay. pilot and five other officers managed to escape with only minor injuries. the tower had warned the chopper pilot about possible turbulence from air force one, which was approaching jfk for the president's visit to the united nations. >> peter: meanwhile, driving while reading got this bus driver fired and it's not the first time. management canned him after a passenger took this video in portland, oregon. that's a kindle on the driver's dashboard. get this, the driver was fired before for shoving a passenger, but the union got his job back. we'll have to see what happens with the union and that guy and a kindle coming up. >> the chant usa, usa, coming under fire now at the university
8:38 am
of illinois. that's in the usa. academic david green calls it obnoxious and offensive to muslims. chad garland, a u.s. in rein vet and student at the university of illinois tells "fox & friends" that educator is dead wrong. >> i was shocked. he's an academic and his entire argument is full of just baseless claims and cliches about overprivileged white kids. >> gretchen: chad went on to say the remarks are offensive to proud american muslims. good point. >> peter: we asked you who you agreed with. david green or chad garland. overwhelmingly you agreed with the former marine, mr. garland. >> gretchen: if you're wondering why brian is not on the couch right now, it's because he's outside enjoying himself. >> peter: it's a tough sports assignment. somebody has to do it. >> brian: i have to do all the live coverage. football season has just started, but the players aren't the only ones training hard. we're here with the new york
8:39 am
jets flight crew. they worked all summer to prepare for the side lines and our show. they have great new moves to show us. first let's meet them. what's your name? >> jasmine. >> jessica. >> i'm adell. >> i'm karen. >> crystal. >> brian: you were very nice and all of you are. i understand michelle is the talker. you are the talker. two years ago the flight crew was born. what has it done for jets mania? >> the jets nation loves us like crazy. we enjoy being on the field for every game cheering on our team. we love the new york jets. >> brian: you do love the new york jets. a little controversy this week. let's listen to what your coach -- have you met him? >> yes. >> brian: he's a wonderful person. certainly controversial. here is what he said about some of the antics that happened with edwards. >> it's an embarrassment to our owner and this organization and let's end it. like let's stop it.
8:40 am
>> brian: also with the reporter the spanish language reporter that had a problem, was that a message to you, too, as part of the organization, do you feel like he's talking to everybody? >> we try to maintain positive attitudes through every controversy. sometimes people make mistakes, things happen, but you have to always look at the bright side and look forward. >> brian: so let's look bright and forward. let's learn some basic moves that you think that america could learn to make themselves dance worthy. >> all right. you want to learn some moves? >> brian: i would like to learn some moves. >> okay. this is one of our side lines that we do on the field. it's called pump. what you do is you lunge to the right and pump your arms twice. >> brian: what am i saying? >> you are saying i am strong, i am tough. i'm a new york jet. look at me. so you pump your arms twice, then you switch to the other side and do it again. good job. >> brian: this is easy.
8:41 am
>> oh, yeah. >> brian: do we have another move? >> yeah. so after you pump twice, you snap forward and open your arms. >> brian: again, saying look at me. >> saying hi, i love you. look at me. >> brian: i love you, fans? >> i love you, fans. >> brian: look at me. >> yep. >> brian: i love you. >> six, seven, eight. you want to do -- pump it again! and open crunch. >> brian: you don't teach me the open cross. >> come on, pump it. >> brian: you keep moving. >> i love you! >> you're doing awesome! >> brian: not really.
8:42 am
i guess we got to go back inside. >> peter: very nicely done. >> gretchen: the scary thing is that is the best dancing i've ever seen of brian. >> peter: it's good. now highlights for our upcoming anniversary show. thank you, very nicely done. >> gretchen: i don't know how you top that. we're going to try because just one single document processor in charge of green lighting thousands of foreclosures and guess what? he didn't read the paperwork. the fallout now for foreclosures is unbelievable. you have to pay attention and stay tuned. >> peter: here we go again. new research says women should have fewer mammograms. the medical a team right there with what you need to know on the other side of a quick time out. let's see if he's still dancing out there.
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>> peter: new research out this morning that says that women should have fewer mammograms. what's with all the different information? on this issue right now our medical a team doctors. so this information today out in the "new england journal of medicine" that says, it talks about the rate of mortality for women who wind up getting mammograms and people will look at it and say i shouldn't take one. >> this is very confusing. unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that gets a lot of publicity, confuses women. this is a study looking at women in their, i would call post menopausal phase, over 50 years of age. it's a norwegian study, 50,000 women. and what they saw was a modest decrease in mortality. before we said that mammograms probably would yield 25% reduction in mortality. now it seems it's 10%.
8:47 am
so again, the argument becomes whether or not mammograms still should be the gold standard for women. i'm going to tell you the answer is yes. women should not take this information, this is all scientific jarringen that we doctors like to look and talk about. but you still have to look at risk factors, you still have to look at your family history. >> peter: so still get a mammogram? >> still get a mammogram and talk to your physician. what are the benefits, does it hurt, but at the end of the day, get a mammogram in a good, certified hospital. >> peter: also there is news that similac, baby formula, that millions of people use is being recalled. apparently at the processing plant, they discovered, wait a minute, there is bugs in that stuff. >> you ever know the story of a processing plant. the problem is the f.d.a. doesn't have teeth when it's a nonprescription drug. so they can't go around and stop this, but i want them to. this is the second time this year where we were talk being
8:48 am
this with mcneil and tylenol. now insect parts? it's because the processing plants get away with murder. similac is incredibly important for babies. the powder only. we're only talking about 5 million containers that are being recalled. how many more are involved? an insect, by the way, i don't want to make a joke, it's protein, it's not going to hurt anybody. >> peter: but it's a bug! >> it shows unsanitary practices. >> peter: who is in charge of looking over this stuff? >> it is the f.d.a. but the problem is, the f.d.a. can really only step in once a problem has been found. we need new laws to make their rules stronger. >> i want people to do their job. not new laws. >> peter: no kidding. >> more important that they do their jobs. >> peter: it's a crazy story. doctors alvarez and siegle, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> peter: directly into the operating room. meanwhile, straight ahead, it seems unbelievable that just one man was in charge of green lighting thousands of
8:49 am
foreclosuressering, more incredible, the one man didn't read the paperwork and there is a lot of fallout and that's coming up live from vegas. right now let's check in with martha mccallum for a peek at what's in 11 minutes on america's newsroom. >> good morning. we have a very big two hours coming up this morning. the gop, they're about to roll out their pledge to america. you'll find out what's in that. president obama will speak about america's role in the world. what will he say, how will he present that to the u.n. and velma heart, the woman who told the president she was exhausted for sticking up for him, she joins us and karl rove and ron johnson coming up.
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>> gretchen: welcome back. thousands of foreclosures and nearly two dozen states on hold now. it appears the document processor at the nation's fourth
8:53 am
largest home lender, allied financial, was signing off on foreclosures without reviewing them. fox legal analyst bob massi joins us. what does this mean for the future of foreclosures? >> these are what's called robo signers. this guy basically was in charge. when you're going to do a foreclosure through the courts, you have to sign by the lender an affidavit saying that these are bob massi's documents. this is his promissory note. this is his mortgage. we own them and this is accurate. well, this guy testified at a deposition that he was signing up to 10,000 of these affidavits a month and never reviewed them, could not testify to the accuracy, and as a result, they put a complete hold on foreclosures in 23 states. >> gretchen: so this would be similar to if you're in trial and you have a mistrial. could that be what happens here, that because of a loophole, a lot of homeowners could get more time? >> the foreclosures are going to come to a halt. they've already shut them down and evictions 'cause remember,
8:54 am
people are getting thrown out of their homes through this process and, in fact, the courts will despise this because essentially affidavits have been given to judges that were not truly affidavits. to the point that these people were, in fact, committing perjury saying they reviewed them and they didn't. so what's going to happen is these lawyers that have found this loophole and had these people under oath in the deposition will put a halt to the foreclosures, they're going to go back and review all of the documents and give homeowners time and some defenses to stop the foreclosure. so from that perspective, the pendulum is starting to go the other way a little bit. it goes to show how these lenders, just the way they loan the money, it's the same way they're trying to get people's homes back. so many of them. >> gretchen: you say that this includes mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac, and i guess that would make sense because if this guy is responsible for signing off on 10,000 of these things a month, they were so many homes? >> absolutely. remember, this company used to be gmac.
8:55 am
they serviced all of these fannie and freddie loans. a lot of our viewers have to understand if you're making a payment, for example, to bank of america, that doesn't mean they own the paper. that means they're servicing the loan. so these affidavits that were not properly executed and reviewing the documents, that makes it fatally defective and they have to start all over and clean up the process. it's a loophole for the homeowners. >> gretchen: real quickly, this guy could go to jail. right? >> it's perjury. i mean, it depends how aggressive they want to get. this guy, to some extent, i don't want to say i feel bad for him because i don't feel bad for any lender, but i think he was put in a position where they brought in the documents every day, sign them and gave them. he did not do his job correctly. there was a training course for this. he'll pay the price. by the way, he's still working for the company. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. bob, always great to talk to you. you'll be in studio in new york next week. looking forward to that. >> looking forward to seeing you. >> gretchen: did you miss brian dancing a few minutes ago?
8:56 am
we're going to show you again, just two minutes away. stay tuned. you can not miss how he busts a move.
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8:59 am
>> open cross. pump it again! and open cross. >> you didn't teach me the open cross. >> peter: brian, this calls for a copy of your performance with the new york jets cheerleaders. >> brian: i think people are going to stay home in droves. the fight crew is fabulous. great job. what kind of dedication does it take to do this? >> 110%. we practice three times a week. we're there four hours before the gape. it's 110% commitment. >> peter: if you're in new york city, you can take a cheerleading class. >> gretchen: they're going to


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